Ayumi Moore Aoki is honored to be speaking at the #WomenForFuture Méditerranée happening on June 30th in Montpellier. The event is organized by La Tribune.

The Mediterranean Sea 🌊 is the cradle of our civilisation, our history and our heritage. The Mediterranean is more than 21 countries, nearly 500 million inhabitants, a quarter of world trade, the link between Europe and Africa, 30% of world tourism, more than 10 languages spoken. Yet with a certain cultural, scientific, technical and economic homogeneity, based on a common past.

This is the ambition of this event, which is being held in one of France’s leading regions, Occitania, a land of exchange that has always been open to the Mediterranean. A living lab where the world of tomorrow is being prepared.

The role of women is essential, which is why it is imperative that they be at the heart of the professions of the future, those which provide the keys to success for an inclusive recovery.