Ayumi Moore Aoki is a social entrepreneur and visionary leader committed to driving positive and sustainable change through technology. As the Founder and CEO of Women in Tech® Global, Ayumi has spearheaded a global movement that is empowering women and girls in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). With headquarters in Paris and a presence in 45 countries, Women in Tech® Global has amassed over 200,000 members and aims to empower 5 million women and girls in STEAM by the year 2030. Ayumi’s relentless pursuit of gender equality and her dedication to empowering women has earned her the high patronage of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the President of the French Republic.

Under Ayumi’s leadership, Women in Tech® Global operates on four pillars: education, business, digital inclusion, and advocacy. Through these pillars, the organization provides comprehensive support and resources to women and girls, enabling them to thrive in the STEAM fields. By focusing on education, Women in Tech® Global equips women with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in STEAM careers. Through their business initiatives, they foster a supportive and inclusive environment that empowers women entrepreneurs and leaders. Digital inclusion ensures that no woman or girl is left behind in the digital era, and advocacy drives systemic change by challenging existing gender biases and promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Ayumi’s passion for women empowerment and technology has garnered global recognition and partnerships. Women in Tech® Global has signed a significant partnership with UN Women, further solidifying their commitment to advancing gender equality worldwide. Additionally, the organization is part of the Edisson Alliance of the World Economic Forum, where Ayumi collaborates with other influential leaders and organizations to drive innovation and positive change in the tech industry.

Born in Brazil to a Brazilian mother and Japanese father, Ayumi experienced a diverse upbringing that profoundly shaped her beliefs and values. At the age of 12, she moved to South Africa during the era of apartheid, witnessing firsthand the injustices and discrimination faced by marginalized communities. As a third culture kid, Ayumi’s unique perspective instilled in her a deep desire to challenge norms rooted in oppressive and discriminatory stereotypes, including those based on gender and race.

Ayumi’s personal journey exemplifies the transformative power of technology. In 2008, she found herself struggling to achieve a healthy work-life balance, prompting her to make a bold decision. She left her high-powered job and embarked on a self-taught journey to learn coding using CD-ROMs. The acquisition of these digital skills not only transformed Ayumi’s personal life but also became the foundation for her entrepreneurial endeavors. Building on her newfound expertise, she created her first company and, in 2018, went on to establish Women in Tech® Global, a platform that would impact the lives of countless women and girls around the world.

Recognized as an international expert in women empowerment, Ayumi is a sought-after speaker at global industry-leading events. From PauseFest in Melbourne to TEDx Ist in Lisbon, UFM Business Forum in Barcelona, GMI Summit in the UAE, and LEAP in Riyadh, Ayumi passionately shares her insights and experiences, inspiring audiences to challenge the status quo and embrace diversity in the tech world.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to gender equality and her transformative work in the tech industry, Ayumi Moore Aoki was selected as one of the 40 Women Forbes France 2023.