The launch of Women in Tech Burundi on March 3rd, 2023, brought a wave of positive change for women in the technology sector. Notably, Women in Tech has taken concrete steps to empower women by opening two learning centers – one in the heart of Bujumbura and another in a rural area of the capital.

These learning centers will serve as hubs for women to access technology education, skill development, and mentorship. By establishing a center in the rural area, Women in Tech aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure women from all walks of life can benefit from the opportunities in the tech industry.

In a significant move to bolster digital literacy, Women in Tech Burundi has signed a memorandum of collaboration with the Ministry of ICT. Through this collaboration, they plan to skill 6000 women in digital literacy across the country. This initiative will empower women with the necessary knowledge and competencies to thrive in the digital age, opening doors to new employment and entrepreneurship prospects.

The signing of the memorandum reflects the commitment of both Women in Tech Burundi and the government to promote gender inclusivity in the tech sector and equip women with the skills to participate actively in the digital economy.

The combination of learning centers and the collaborative effort with the Ministry of ICT highlights Women in Tech Burundi’s dedication to breaking down barriers and providing tangible opportunities for women in the tech industry. This initiative sets a powerful precedent for women’s empowerment and economic growth in the country.