The Rise up Summit is the largest entrepreneurship event in the Middle East, where 150+ startups showcase their brand to thousands of attendees, including potential customers, partners and investors a summit enriched with over 250+ speakers from around the world, coming to speak on one centralized theme each year.

Ayumi Moore Aoki will be doing a keynote on March 18th at 14h20 on “The key to unlocking development potential”.

In today’s digital age, having basic knowledge of technology is becoming increasingly essential for personal and professional growth. However, there are still significant disparities in access to technology and tech education, particularly for underrepresented communities. Ayumi will share her insights on how improving tech literacy can drive innovation, economic growth, and social progress, and how we can work towards closing the digital divide. Drawing on her experience as a tech entrepreneur, Ayumi will also share practical tips for individuals and organizations to improve their tech literacy and leverage technology for positive impact.

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