Ayumi Moore Aoki is honored to announce her participation in the prestigious Marché du Film at the Festival de Cannes next week. She will be showcasing the film, #BeyondCeilings, and contributing to the “Her Tech Story” session at the Palais Riviera, Main Stage.

Event Details:
When: May 21, 11.15-12.30 pm CET
Where: Main Stage – Riviera Palais, Marché du Film

About the Session:
The session, “Her Tech Story,” promises to be a compelling and insightful event. The discussions will be moderated by Volha Paulovich, Founder & COO at PentoPix, who will lead the exchange of ideas and valuable insights.

Ayumi Moore Aoki will share the stage with an esteemed lineup of speakers:

Marianne Carpentier, Chief Innovation Officer at NEWEN STUDIOS
Dasha Timbush, Founder & CEO at CastingForm
Perle Bagot, AI Expert
Together, they will explore the intersections of technology, film, and innovation, discussing ways to transcend traditional boundaries and foster a more inclusive and progressive future.

Special Thanks:
Special thanks are extended to CONNECT – The Entertainment Tech Hub for the invitation. Their support and vision for entertainment technology are truly inspiring.

This event will be an opportunity to engage in thought-provoking conversations and explore new horizons in the fields of technology and film.