Exciting news is brewing in the world of technology and innovation, as Ayumi Moore Aoki, renowned tech entrepreneur and advocate for gender equality, is set to grace the IVS Conference in Kyoto, Japan on the 29th of June, 2023. Aoki’s involvement promises to bring insightful perspectives, inspirational ideas, and a commitment to empowering women in the tech industry. This highly anticipated event will feature a captivating keynote speech by Aoki and a dynamic panel discussion alongside industry expert Kathy Matsui, culminating in a Women in Tech PowHer Lunch that aims to foster networking and support for women pursuing careers in technology.

Keynote Address: Breaking Barriers and Pioneering Change
As the founder and CEO of Women in Tech, an organization dedicated to advancing women’s participation in the technology sector, Ayumi Moore Aoki is an influential figure in promoting gender equality and diversity. Her keynote address at the IVS Conference is expected to be a powerful discourse on breaking barriers and pioneering change within the tech industry. Aoki’s unique insights, drawn from her personal experiences as a successful entrepreneur and advocate, will undoubtedly provide valuable guidance and inspiration to aspiring technologists and industry leaders alike.

Panel Discussion: A Dynamic Exchange of Ideas
A highlight of the IVS Conference will be the panel discussion featuring Ayumi Moore Aoki and Kathy Matsui. Matsui, known for her groundbreaking work on “Womenomics” in Japan, has been a key voice in advocating for increased gender diversity and women’s economic participation. This conversation between two prominent figures in the field will delve into the challenges faced by women in technology and explore strategies for creating a more inclusive industry. Attendees can expect a thought-provoking exchange of ideas, valuable insights, and actionable solutions that can foster a more equitable tech landscape.

Women in Tech PowHer Lunch: Nurturing Networks and Support
Recognizing the importance of networking and support systems, the IVS Conference will conclude the session with a Women in Tech PowHer Lunch. This empowering gathering will provide a platform for participants to connect, share experiences, and form valuable connections with like-minded individuals. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and build relationships that can shape their professional journeys. The PowHer Lunch represents a crucial step towards nurturing an environment that embraces and champions women in technology.

A Milestone for Women in Technology
Ayumi Moore Aoki’s involvement in the IVS Conference in Kyoto is a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of gender diversity and equality in the tech industry. Her keynote address, panel discussion with Kathy Matsui, and the Women in Tech PowHer Lunch all underscore the conference’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive community for women in technology. As Aoki takes the stage, her insights and experiences will undoubtedly inspire attendees, shaping the future of the tech industry and furthering the cause of gender equality.

The IVS Conference in Kyoto, with its focus on empowering women in tech, promises to be an unforgettable event for all attendees. It serves as a reminder that when diverse voices are given a platform, innovation thrives, and the industry becomes more robust. With leaders like Ayumi Moore Aoki and Kathy Matsui spearheading discussions, the tech world is poised for positive transformation, ensuring that women in technology can fully realize their potential and contribute to a brighter and more inclusive future.