The Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders is not just a conference – not just a single moment on the calendar. It is both a convening and a community. Launched in 2018 under the heading of Power, Together, the forum convenes women leaders from all sectors, including politics, business, civil society, academia, the arts, and media, to share ideas and solutions on how to further advance society toward female and male equality and to promote and positively develop the number of women in leadership positions.

On 8-10 November 2022, Women Political Leaders (WPL), the Government of Iceland, and the Parliament of Iceland co-host the fifth annual Reykjavík Global Forum.

Ayumi Moore Aoki has been invited to speak as a featured conversationist in 2 different sessions:
– Let’s Talk Metaverse
– LeadersTalk on “Championing gender equality and health for all”

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