In a significant step towards promoting gender diversity in the tech sector, Women in Tech Japan was officially launched at the French Embassy in Japan. The event, held under the high patronage of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, featured key addresses by H.E. Philippe Tesson, the Ambassador of France to Japan, and Mr. Ken Hasebe, the Mayor of Shibuya.

The tech industry has long grappled with gender disparities, with women underrepresented in various tech-related fields. Women in Tech Japan seeks to address this imbalance and create opportunities for women to excel in the sector.

President Macron’s endorsement of the initiative underlines his commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment. The support from influential figures like President Macron, Ambassador Tesson, and Mayor Hasebe highlights the importance of this endeavor.

Women in Tech Japan aims to establish a conducive environment for women in the tech industry through networking events, mentorship programs, skill development workshops, and raising awareness about gender-related challenges in the field.

The launch event concluded with an air of enthusiasm, as attendees looked forward to a transformative journey for Women in Tech Japan. The initiative’s vision of a more inclusive and diverse tech industry holds promise for a brighter future where women can take their place at the forefront of innovation.

This landmark initiative is set to redefine the tech landscape in Japan, leaving a lasting legacy of progress and empowerment for generations to come.